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10 Ways Students do Poorly in VCE

As students, I’m sure you always get advice from other people on what to do to get good results in VCE. But what about the "don't do's"? Observing students who do poorly in their final years of study, here’s some things that these students do!

  1. They don't seek advice from someone who got a higher ATAR than the one you want. That's not to say that others won't have good knowledge to share- but those who got a higher ATAR have good knowledge to share AND actually implemented it successfully.

  2. They do things later- start the SAC preparation tomorrow, start exam revision next week, get tuition next term, or next year. Your effort produces compounding returns- people who get the best results started tuition many years ago. For example, the best time to buy a house was 10 years ago- the second best time is now.

  3. They blame their circumstances and complain. Complain about things that they cannot control- “My teacher at school is so bad”, “My school gives me too much homework”. They forget that strong character is built from hard times.

  4. They forget that being smart is a process, rather than an outcome. Believe that either you’re born smart, or you’re not.

  5. They attend class, then do nothing. Read more books, and then do nothing. They don’t read over their notes, and definitely don’t do their homework!

  6. Fail once, quit forever. As soon as they fail, immediately say “Oh, I guess this isn’t for me.” “Methods is too hard”, “I’m not smart enough” because they failed once. We have an inherent fear of failure. But either you win, or you learn.

  7. Tolerate mediocrity from themselves. Be okay with doing things half-heartedly without putting in their best effort. Keep telling themself “I can’t be bothered”.

  8. Make a mistake, then repeat the mistake. Do it again and again. They don’t learn from their mistakes.

  9. Avoid discomfort. They only do things that are easy and that don’t that much effort. They don’t try to learn things that they didn’t understand the first time.

  10. Don’t organize their time and workload. They keep delaying tasks, let them pile up and worry about it later. They just wing it every day- hopefully things will be okay. Fingers crossed!

These are some of the most common things that are characteristic of students who do poorly in VCE. If you’re different and you want to get an excellent score in VCE, do the exact opposite of all the above points!

You are smart the moment you say you are. Keep improving every day!

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