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Our programs at DT Education have led to many successful results for our students. Read more about how we do it!

Isabella M, 2022 Prize Winner for Maths Methods & Specialist Maths at Mac.Robertson Girls'

"David is one of the best tutors I have had. He has a very deep understanding of the concepts he teaches and is always enthusiastic during lessons. He cares a lot about his students, he caters the lessons to our needs, and I have learnt a great deal from him. Thank you David!"

Alice D, 2022 Chemistry Award at Brighton Secondary 

Best tutor I’ve had - very knowledgeable and caters to individual needs. Genuinely cares about his students and finds creative ways to teach complex topics. Would recommend to everyone!

Crystal P, 2022 Dux of Mac.Robertson Girls' 

"David's tutoring really improved my SAC scores, boosting them to high 90s. He has a style of teaching which is always engaging, making it easier to learn difficult concepts."

“My Chemistry scores averaged from 70% to 90% after a year.”

Eric T, Haileybury College

Dana Y, John Monash Science School

"David's tutoring really improved my SAC scores, boosting them to high 90s. He has a style of teaching which is always engaging, making it easier to learn difficult concepts."

Patrick L, Salesian College

“Enrolling in David’s classes has truly been an amazing experience. Through his concise notes, unique explanations and excellent questions, David has instilled a sense of confidence in me.” Patrick L, Salesian College

Katrina L, Avila College

“David made learning fun and I would 10/10 recommend! I struggled in this subject and David has made me feel more confident and he also taught me things that I wasn’t taught at school.”

"Joining David's classes had helped me a lot throughout the year, by helping me learn difficult concepts in each subject and also challenged me with difficult questions that gave me a deeper knowledge in all concepts. David's tips and strategies are also very useful for approaching sacs/exams." Noel A, Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences

"David helped me understand Chemistry more than I ever thought I could achieve at the start of the year. Without his help and resources I don't think I would feel as prepared for the upcoming exam as I do right now." Kylie W, Haileybury College

"David teaches his students in the most engaging and entertaining way possible. It is obvious that David is very knowledgeable in the topics that he teaches which shows in his results. I would highly recommend David's classes to anyone that is looking to improve and ready to improve their grades." Victor L, Nossal High School 

"David always goes above and beyond in helping us succeed, from giving us practice SACs to even hosting trial exams at the centre. He is always friendly and welcoming, ensuring that we feel comfortable in every class. Overall, I had an amazing time at DT Education." Ricky P, Salesian College

"I honestly think if I hadn't joined David's class in the second half of this year; I wouldn't have been as prepared as I was. Also, I am extremely grateful for the tips and tricks when it came to the exam period, and how quickly David responded to my (many) emails when I had questions." Joyce H, Nossal High School 

"The program has been really helpful, by providing revision classes and notes to help prepare for exams and SACS. Jess has helped me this year by thoroughly going through exam tips and advice in class." Jacqueline L, Killester College

"DT Education has helped me develop new skills and has provided great tutors that are always able to help. The notes are useful, well designed and handy as they supply succinct summaries that are very functional. I'm very grateful to have been taught by both Jess and David as they are always able to guide and provide support. I would highly recommend!" Shula P, Maranatha College

“DT has helped me over the past year to improve and achieve my best. David is always willing to dedicate time outside of class to help students. I'm extremely grateful for everything I've learnt through DT and highly recommend.” Jade S, Firbank Grammar School

“David has motivated me a lot with Methods and Chemistry and really pushed me to achieve my best. It was an extremely worthwhile experience with many opportunities to challenge myself. Thanks David!” Catherine B, Mac Robertson Girls School

“DT Education has provided me with a substantial amount of material that has enabled me to improve my SAC scores. In addition, I was given clear and concise answers to any questions I was unsure about.” Darren T, Mazenod College

"Really good learning environment. Everyone wants to do really well so it's motivating. The booklets given are good summaries- can be used in bound reference.” Meiling C, Mentone Girls Grammar School

“It was great learning the course here with David. His classes are always enjoyable and helpful.” Jessica S, Mac Robertson Girls School

“David has been really helpful throughout the year, and his teaching methods really helped me do well during school. Classes were also very productive and generally small, so it was easy to get help from the tutors.” Monet S, Haileybury College

“The tutors here at DT are all very patient and clear in their explanations- often changing their examples and explanations to suit each individual if they do not understand. I would highly recommend everyone to come!” Hannah H, Nossal High School

“David gave me heaps of tips on how to tackle my exams.” Brandon C, Wellington Secondary College

“David encouraged critical thinking and ensured I understood all concepts in Specialist Maths. Would definitely recommend David for tutoring.” Fiona T, Mac Robertson Girls School

“I liked how I was challenged with difficult questions that will give me an advantage in the exams. David also provides useful tips for these tricky questions.” Yasmin L, Nossal High School

“Not only is David super helpful, but he’s also very open to all questions.” Jessica N, Nossal High School

“David has the rare ability to understand everything about a subject and simplify it for his students to understand.” Reagan T, Melbourne High School

“Enrolling in David’s classes has truly been an amazing experience. Through his concise notes, unique explanations and excellent questions, David has instilled a sense of confidence in me.” Patrick L, Salesian College

“David goes through exams in great details. He explains questions and concepts clearly.” Linda T, Haileybury College

 “The teaching style that David used enabled me to figure out the best method of learning. He incorporated explanations that we could relate to so that it was easier to understand.” Doris S, Sacred Heart

“Highly recommend to anyone! The tutors are both friendly and smart.” Sushant S, Salesian College

“Since I started attending David’s classes, my grades for Methods improved significantly! 10/10 would recommend.” Eileen D, Nossal High School

“It was great learning the course here at DT Education, because it became easier to grasp the difficult concepts at school.” Lizzie P, Mentone Girls Grammar

“Very good explanations were given of the questions that I found difficult, and I was frequently given resources which were very helpful.” Peter N, Mazenod College

“Any questions I have are quickly answered in language that is easy to understand and easy to remember. The class was useful in how it lets you have plenty of questions to practise on all topics.” Abby C, McKinnon SC

“It was nice learning topics and content in a different way from school, ahead of the school curriculum. It makes classes at school a lot easier.” Emily N, Mt Waverley SC

“Attending DT helped me to revise concepts and further practice topics that I struggled in.” Melissa T, Killester College

“It’s important to find a tutor who creates a friendly, hardworking and open atmosphere for their students. David easily provide all of this for all of his students.” Will C, Haileybury College

“David has the ability to simplify even the most complicated concepts for us to understand.” Cindy H, Killester College

“David is the best tutor- he can explain difficult concepts with such ease. I would recommend David to anyone looking for a tutor 10/10.” Naomi L, Huntingtower School

“When I joined David’s class for tutoring, the fun atmosphere and great teaching allowed me to improve greatly in my studies. He is one of the best tutors, wholly devoted to his students,” Marvin S, St John’s College

“DT Education is a place where excellence is encouraged as David continues to motivate and inspire his students to excel academically.” Han D, St John’s College

“DT Education has helped me develop new skills which have been positively reflected towards my classwork at school and SAC results. The notes are very effective and his method is teaching is engaging. I’m very grateful to have been taught by David.” Tram H, Hampton Park Secondary College

“The classes at DT Education are well thought out and well prepared. Each lesson is filled with insightful notes and it is very easy to engage with the tutors and students. 10/10.” Minh L, Salesian College

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