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At DT Education we have an entire team of professional academic mentors that can help assist struggling students and bring out the best in them. Our tutors will educate students the importance of study habits, where they are able to utilise these tendencies in the classroom and beyond. These skills are able to teach students the importance of work ethic, which can set them up for a life-long success

Our tutors have the experience and skills necessary to teach students to think critically about problems and how to solve them. These skills will help student face and overcome challenges they may face in the classroom. With DT Education, our students know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.


In our weekly VCE classes, students get:

  • A booklet containing theory, explanations, worked examples and plenty of practice questions

  • Lots of practice with exam-style questions

  • Exam tips and tricks that David used to get 4 perfect Study Scores of 50 out of 50

  • Tips on effective studying to maximise your ATAR Score

We teach the following subjects:

  • VCE English

  • VCE Maths Methods

  • VCE Further Maths

  • VCE Specialist Maths

  • VCE Chemistry

  • VCE Biology

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