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Exam Tips for Maximum Performance!

Make sure to utilise these useful tips to do well on your exams!

Tip #1: Reading time

  • Identify any surprise hard questions that may need more attention/time

  • Plan out which questions are familiar to you, so you will do them first (and how many minutes to allocate to those questions)

Tip #2: Draw Graphs (maths exams)

  • Think in pictures. Use diagrams to organize your thoughts and reasoning

Tip #3: Knock off the easy questions first

  • You don’t have to work in order

  • Do the questions on your most confident topics first

  • If there’s a Multiple Choice section, consider leaving it for last. Getting a 1 mark in MC generally takes longer than a 1 mark in Short Answer

Tip #4: Underline key words

  • Verbs- what does the question want you to write down?

  • Answer format- exact or decimal places (and how many?)

Tip #5: Answer the question

  • Once you have an answer, box your answer. Then check the question again- is it the right number of decimal places? Do they want a t value or the actual time? Do you have to include a domain?

Tip #6: Calm yourself with focused breathing

  • If you’re feeling on edge, pause and take some time to just focus on taking deep, even breaths through your nose (box breathing technique). This is known to reduce anxiety and calm your nerves.

Good luck for your upcoming exams!

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