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"VCE Headstart" Summer Program

Our "VCE Headstart" Summer Program sets up students for success in their VCE subjects in 2024. Past students have achieved exceptional results- several students went on to be awarded the subject prize at their school for being the top performing student, as well as the average student jumping to A grade or higher.

Maths 7-10 Headstart Classes

Are you eager for your child to gain a competitive edge? Do you want to build their confidence in Maths? Our Maths Headstart Classes are designed to ignite their passion and boost their Maths skills for the upcoming school year.

2024 Summer Program

Dates for the 5-week program:

  • Mon 4 Dec - Sun 16 Dec 2023

  • Mon 8 Jan - Sun 28 Jan 2024

Our Summer Program covers the following subjects:

  • VCE Maths Methods (Units 1&2 and Units 3&4)

  • VCE Specialist Maths (Units 1&2 and Units 3&4)

  • VCE Chemistry (Units 1&2 and Units 3&4)

What will be covered?

  • High level overview of the course content in 2024

  • Practice exam style questions

Do you want to get a head start in front of everyone else in Victoria? Hit the button below to get started!

2024 Headstart Classes

Dates for the 5-week program:

  • December Classes: Wed 6 Dec - Sun 17 Dec 2023

  • January Classes: Wed 10 Jan - Sun 28 Jan 2024

Our Summer Headstart Classes covers the following subjects:

  • Year 7 Maths

  • Year 8 Maths

  • Year 9 Maths

  • Year 10 Maths

December Classes:

  • Developing Core Maths skills

January Classes:

  • Critical Problem Solving skills

Going away during the holidays: We've designed the course so that you can enrol in just December or January classes if you're unable to attend both!

Don't miss the change to get ahead in Maths and make the next school year your best one yet! Hit the button below to get started!

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